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Stats and Live Scoring Games

If anyone would like to help live score games and help the league keep stats by doing so please email me at The rosters all need to be updated correctly and there is a time commitment and you would need the proper equipment (mainly just a phone or tablet with cell service). If we could get someone from each team to do it then it would wouldn't be much time overall for any one person.

Being Respectful of the Game and League Officials

Everyone, as we start the season, we want to give a reminder about sportsmanship. The league is here to allow the kids to play football and to cheer in a fun and safe environment. The game officials and the league officials overseeing the games do their best and put in a lot of time to make this league work. Remember that when the game official makes a call, that is his call and that is the way it is. When the league official makes a ruling about anything within the ballpark, that is his/her call and that is the way it is. Any rowdy behavior or disagreeing with the league officials in a non civil manner will result in your removal from the facility. Let's set a good example for the kids and have fun at the games. Thank you and we hope everyone has a great season.